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on the path on other issues. he even challenged on the issue of the debt ceiling when he was in the senate. he said that he wouldn't raise the debt ceiling, and now he is saying that the obligation exists for that to take place right now. he also laid out what i think is going to define some of the next several weeks, which is the issue of gun control. we are expecting that the vice president would be providing his recommendations following his gun violence task force about a month to the day now after the newtown shootings. those recommendations were expected tomorrow. the vice president is sitting down, alex, with the president for what will be a late lunch after about a 51 minute news conference wrapping up to share those proposals and the president made clear that later this week he will then have a more full presentation on what he plans to pursue going forward. i think he had a pretty candid admission in that news conference as well as it relates to this issue of guns. one of the very hotly contested topics on that is whether or not to reinstate the assault weapons ban. the president sai
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1